Autopilot Account Opening

Autopilot Account Opening

Clients can now sit in the driver's seat of the account opening process. Advisors signed up on Riskalyze Premier and Autopilot can create custom lead generation links, assign their models to the links, and send them out to clients so that the client can get their Risk Number, choose a model and open an account all in the comfort of their home, on their time.

  • Current Custodians: TD Ameritrade Institutional, TCA
  • Supported Account Types: Individual or Joint Tenant, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, Rollover IRA, SEP IRA
Getting Started
You'll want to make sure you have your Premier Account Opening setup through one of our supported custodians to take advantage of Autopilot Account Opening. 
Learn how to enable  Premier Account Opening. Then, follow the directions below.
Lead Generation Links
After you finish your setup, navigate to Menu > Settings > Lead Generation and create a New Link - also note that you can create as many links as you'd like so that you can have different links for different strategy groups as you see fit.

Toggle the Link Configuration to Autopilot to enable Autopilot Account Opening on your link, and then you can configure the following:
  • Toggle whether you want to allow visitors to import their own portfolio through Asset Sync
  • Choose which partner you want to open accounts with if you have setup Premier Account Opening with multiple integrations.
  • Add models to the link to matched to the clients Risk Number they receive after taking the Risk Questionnaire. 
  • Copy the link to place a button on your website or email the link to prospective clients for them to walk through the account opening process. 

Once your client has gone through the account opening process, their new account appears in a Pending Connections state in your current portfolio, where a process checklist will progress and cover the following:
  • Application will display progress of the DocuSign paperwork, and will allow you to resume or resend to the client while in progress.
  • Funding is for the interval between the custodian opening the account and the account being funded. Note: If you're using TD Ameritrade, once your account is opened at the custodian, you'll need to enter the account number during this step so we can sync the account data

As soon as the new account gets funded, the account is surfaced on your Trading Dashboard for approval. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I notified when a new Autopilot Account Opening questionnaire has been completed?
Yes, you will receive an email alert whenever a new questionnaire is completed. Navigate to the Autopilot>Account Opening dashboard to see applications in process.

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